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The Importance of Keeping Your Feet Healthy

According to the American Podiatric Medical Association, nearly eight out of ten people have experienced foot pain and those who suffer from chronic foot pain are significantly more likely to have pain in other parts of their body. “Feet are [...]

6 Questions about Foot and Ankle Arthritis Answered by Foot and Ankle Specialist Dr. Gregory Kirwan

Support and balance while standing. Mobility for walking. Shock absorption for running and jumping. These are some of the very important roles that the feet and ankles play in our everyday lives. Behind these important jobs are the many bones [...]

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From the Clinic to Surgery in a Matter of Hours

Curtis lives in Wetmore, MI - about three hours away from Green Bay in the U.P. But when he broke his ankle at the end of February, and found out he needed surgery, Curtis chose to make the trip to [...]

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3 Foot and Ankle Conditions that Affect Active Adults

As we discussed in this previous blog article, the feet and ankles play a significant role in keeping us active. So acute injuries or chronic conditions can greatly impact our ability to play sports, participate in outdoor activities, or keep up [...]


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