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Two injury-prone areas bow hunters should scout for

By Dr. Ben Zellner, hand-to-shoulder specialist, and OSMS physician owner Dr. Ben Zellner is a board-certified, fellowship-trained orthopedic hand-to-shoulder specialist. He is seeing patients at our Green Bay and Marinette clinics. Request an appointment with him here. Fewer [...]

Symptoms and Treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Symptoms and Treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome By Dr. Kevin Knox, OSMS Hand Surgeon Dr. Kevin Knox is a board-certified, plastics fellowship-trained hand surgeon. He is seeing patients at our Fox Valley clinic. Request an appointment with him here. [...]

A History and Overview of Tommy John Surgery

By Dr. Ben Zellner, Orthopedic Hand-to-Shoulder Specialist It’s no easy task for a major league baseball pitcher to throw a fastball 90 miles an hour. And oftentimes throwing the fastball, or any other pitch, can take its toll. The repetitive [...]

3 Surgeries that can be Performed in the OSMS Procedure Room

Hospital or outpatient surgery center. These are probably the two most common types of locations a person would think of to answer the question, "Where are you having your orthopedic surgery?"  But there is actually a third option - the [...]

Two Surgeries. Two Surgeons. One Day.

Athena and Mike Francis have both suffered from chronic joint pain that interferes with work, daily activities, exercising, and enjoying life. Mike's started with his hip. About a year ago he decided to have surgery on it, hoping he could [...]


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