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5 Benefits of Anterior Hip Replacement Surgery

OSMS orthopedic surgeons Dr. Walker Flannery, Dr. Joe McCormick, Dr. Doug Miller, Dr. Darren Nabor, and Dr. Jacob Seiler all perform the anterior hip replacement surgery. Hip replacement surgery. These three words can conjure up fears: A long hospital stay [...]

Anterior Hip Replacement Surgery: An Overview

By Dr. Walker Flannery, Orthopedic Surgeon The hip joint is the biggest joint in the body. It can also cause some of the biggest problems and pain in the body. Your hips are the center of movement. They allow for [...]

Two Surgeries. Two Surgeons. One Day.

Athena and Mike Francis have both suffered from chronic joint pain that interferes with work, daily activities, exercising, and enjoying life. Mike's started with his hip. About a year ago he decided to have surgery on it, hoping he could [...]

Location, Location, Location. What the diagnosis of hip pain really comes down to.

Posted by Dr. Will Enright The mantra of real estate has equal importance in the diagnosis and treatment of hip pain. When a patient comes to the office with hip pain a good portion of the visit is spent discussing [...]


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