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The Pros and Cons of Youth Sports Specialization

By Dr. Jason Klein, orthopedic surgeon It’s a common theme in youth sports these days: a child shows interest in a sport, plays it, enjoys it, and winds up being pretty good at it. Parents and coaches see potential, so [...]

Expansion of Green Bay Clinic and Surgery Center Begins

Our doctor-owned orthopedic, sports medicine, and rheumatology practice, held a groundbreaking ceremony at the clinic in Green Bay located at 2223 Lime Kiln Road to officially being the expansion of its clinic and the on-site Bellin Orthopedic Surgery Center. Key [...]

A History and Overview of Tommy John Surgery

By Dr. Ben Zellner, Orthopedic Hand-to-Shoulder Specialist It’s no easy task for a major league baseball pitcher to throw a fastball 90 miles an hour. And oftentimes throwing the fastball, or any other pitch, can take its toll. The repetitive [...]

Common Knee Injuries and Prevention Tips

By: Dr. Tom Sullivan, Orthopedic Surgeon Your knee hurts. Because of it, you walk gingerly or even limp. You have trouble bending it and straightening it, and getting out of a chair. Having knee pain is both literally and figuratively, [...]

Anterior Hip Replacement Surgery: An Overview

By Dr. Walker Flannery, Orthopedic Surgeon The hip joint is the biggest joint in the body. It can also cause some of the biggest problems and pain in the body. Your hips are the center of movement. They allow for [...]


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