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Doctor, when can I return to driving after surgery?

Doctor, when can I return to driving after surgery? By Dr. Joseph McCormick, Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Joseph McCormick is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon. He is seeing patients at our Appleton orthopedic office, located in Ascension NE Wisconsin – St. Elizabeth [...]

Causes of foot pain all runners need to know

Many runners have a love/hate relationship with their feet. They are a runner’s most important tool, but they also suffer a lot of pain from all the hard work. All types of runners from casual joggers to marathon champions are [...]

An Overview of Occupational Therapy

You’ve just had surgery at OSMS and the doctor says “Everything went great! We’ll set you up for some occupational therapy.” You think, Okay. Great. But what exactly is occupational therapy? What is Occupational Therapy (OT)? Occupational therapy helps patients [...]

The Mental Side of Recovering From an Injury – An Athlete’s Perspective

From weekend warriors who push it just a bit too far to high school and collegiate athletes, the professionals at OSMS have seen the injuries that can occur. Broken bones, torn ACL’s, and everything in between, OSMS doctors provide the [...]

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Sandy’s Story Part 2: The Role of Therapy Before and After an ACL Surgery

You've torn your ACL. You decided to have surgery. The next step is the operating room, right? As we mentioned in our last post, an ACL reconstruction surgery doesn't need to happen immediately after the injury occurs, and it oftentimes [...]

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