Bellin Orthopedic Surgery Center (BOSC)

Only orthopedic procedures, only OSMS doctors.


The Bellin Orthopedic Surgery Center (BOSC) is located within our Green Bay clinic and is a joint partnership of OSMS and Bellin Health. It focuses exclusively on orthopedic procedures and is staffed with the highly-trained surgeons from OSMS. Patients who have procedures at the BOSC experience world-class care at a fraction of the cost of a hospital operating room visit. That’s because our surgery center is designated as an Outpatient Surgery Center which offers less overhead and therefore significantly less cost to you, the patient.

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BOSC benefits:

  • 40% savings on procedures

  • Conveniently located within OSMS

  • 98% patient satisfaction rate

The OSMS Advantage
The OSMS Advantage