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OSMS Infusion Therapy

Comfortable for you and your checkbook.

Our infusion therapy suites are located in our rheumatology department and are specifically designed with a patient-focus on comfort and privacy. They include ten infusion suites for the delivery of intravenous medications and are adjacent to the rheumatology exam rooms for immediate access to physicians. Each suite is equipped with visitor chairs for accompanning friends or family members, Wi-Fi, and television screens.

30-50% Savings

More importantly, we are able to our offer infusion services at 30-50% cost savings to the patient. This is because we avoid hospital overhead, excess staffing that adds unnecessary line items to your bill, and we don’t charge a facility fee for infusions. Other places do.We understand that these treatments are often lengthy and frequent, so we do our best to keep costs to a minimum.

Why choose OSMS for infusions:

  • Immediate access to physicians.

  • 30% – 50% cost savings when choosing OSMS infusion therapy.

  • Private infusion therapy suites.

The OSMS Advantage
The OSMS Advantage


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What does the OSMS advantage mean for our patients? It means that you can expect state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and experienced, compassionate care. Because we’re doctor-owned, we are able to treat our patients exactly how we’d want to be treated – like family.
The OSMS Advantage
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