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The OSMS Employer Partnership Program was created as a way for area companies to take advantage of our patient cost savings at a corporate level. We currently work with several companies in NE Wisconsin who are enjoying the healthcare cost savings right on their bottom line.

According to PricewaterhouseCoopers’ (PwC) Health Research Institute (HRI)* 2019 medical costs will remain unsustainably high as healthcare costs continue to rise:

  • Medical costs in 2019 are projected to increase 6 percent.
  • This increase is consistent with the previous five years, which has trended between 5.5 and 7 percent.
  • Costs continue to climb as efforts to cut utilization have been stymied.

For employers, this increase in healthcare costs is, to put it mildly, brutal. The benefit of offering quality healthcare insurance to employees is crucial to recruiting and maintaining quality employees.

An Alternative View

One way to combat the rising cost of healthcare while still being able to provide the benefit to employees is for employers to change the way they look at providing healthcare. OSMS offers that alternative with their OSMS Employer Partnership Program.

Sandy Fragale, Chief Executive Officer at OSMS states, “Employers look to control their costs, but yet they know the value of having quality healthcare for their employees. A happy, healthy employee means a more committed, productive employee. That’s where a partnership with OSMS can make a difference and positively impact both the bottom line and their employees’ feelings of being valued.”

Bottom Line: Quality, Care and Savings

A doctor-owned practice with 15 orthopedic and rheumatology specialists, OSMS offers companies four distinct ways to positively affect the bottom line and still offer personal, professional, high quality orthopedic and rheumatology care.

The employer offers incentives to their employees to encourage them to use OSMS services, and the employer saves utilization dollars because of it. The four ways to save include:

The Bellin Orthopedic Surgery Center (BOSC)

  • Located inside the OSMS clinic in Green Bay.
  • Employer offers incentive to employees to encourage use of surgery center.
  • Employer saves an average of 40% by employee using the surgery center over a hospital.

Procedure Room

  • Employer offers incentive to employees to encourage use of the OSMS procedure room over a surgery center or hospital.
  • Employer saves facility fee as OSMS does not charge a facility fee for the procedure room.

Infusion Center

  • Employer offers incentive to employees to encourage use of the OSMS outpatient infusion center.
  • Employer saves facility fee as OSMS does not charge a facility fee for use of their infusion center.

Acute Injury Clinic (AIC)

  • Employer promotes employee use of Acute Injury Center for urgent orthopedic injury care and workers’ compensation cases.
  • Employee saves an average of 94%** by visiting the OSMS Acute Injury Clinic versus an emergency room.

Another overall benefit to employees is that OSMS offers comprehensive care in one location; from diagnosis to MRI, X-ray, ultrasound and scan services to surgery, post-procedure care and physical therapy.

A Partner Jointly Focused on Employer Savings and Employee Well-being

OSMS is focused on getting people back to the life they love. And in an employer’s case, back to the job they love. It is not the intent of OSMS to change a company’s health care insurance plan design, but to complement the already existing offerings as an added-value benefit. In doing so, it allows employers to have a better handle on medical costs and lower their utilization dollars.

For more information on the OSMS partnership click below or call OSMS at 920-884-OSMS (6767).

*Savings based off CNN Money report.

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