When most people think of the game “corn hole,” sometimes called bean bag toss, thoughts of summer, friends, cookouts, and yard games come to mind. But when you experience nearly unbearable pain stepping into a throw or picking up the bean bags, it definitely takes all the fun out of it. Plus, you know something isn’t right.

“That’s when I knew it was time,” said Eric Craver. “It was time to see an orthopedic surgeon about my hip.”

Pain that started in Eric’s hip eventually got worse over time. His hip had gotten bad from being a four-sport athlete in high school and as he got older, he gained some weight and didn’t exercise as much.

“I live in the Marinette area and work at UW-Green Bay. I would dread that long car ride because my hip would hurt for about 20 minutes after getting out of the car,” said Eric. “It got to the point where the pain, or anticipated pain in my hip, was on my mind all the time.”

Eric lived in a tremendous amount of pain for three years before making the call to OSMS. A friend who had hip and knee replacement surgery at OSMS had referred him.

“I went into this thinking I was going to visit multiple doctors and clinics,” said Eric. “But after talking with Dr. Grace at OSMS, I canceled the rest of my appointments. He was so impressive. He made me feel comfortable and listened to, and I knew I had the right doctor. We talked about what would be the best treatment and we both knew surgery was required.”

“I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome for my hip replacement surgery,” said Eric. “It’s amazing to go to a place where they say this is what will happen, this is what can happen, and here’s what you can expect after surgery. And everything they said would happen, did.”

Eric has some advice for those thinking about joint replacement surgery. “Do it. Don’t wait three or four years and live in pain like I did when you can make your life better,” he said. “Find the provider that’s right for you, but don’t make any decision until you talk with a surgeon at OSMS.”

Now Eric is back to playing golf, riding his motorcycle, and, of course, playing corn hole, things he could never do without excruciating pain before the surgery.

“The best thing is, I don’t think about pain anymore,” said Eric. “I don’t hold myself back because I’m worried about pain.”