Five years ago, Heidi had the carpal tunnel test done by a doctor in Oshkosh and at that point they had told her she had the worst nerve damage of anybody he had ever seen for my age. They asked what she did, and she told him she but hair for a living. It was a factor for the numbness she was experiencing. They recommended surgery but Heidi wasn’t ready.

At that point, she had two small children, and she just wasn’t comfortable with it. Skip forward five years and Heidi decided to go to OSMS. By that time, she had complete numbness from her shoulders to her wrists and it was impacting her sleep and everyday life.

She chose OSMS because of all the wonderful things she had heard from friends who had been there. When she saw Dr. Knox, he listened to everything she had to say and decided what would give Heidi some relief needed should be done right away.

She had carpal tunnel release and cubital tunnel release on both right and left hands and elbows. She had instant relief. She didn’t have the numbness that was keeping her up at night.

Heidi had per procedures done at the Orthopedic Surgery Center of the Fox Valley in Neenah. Heidi explains, “Going to the surgery center at OSMS was very enjoyable. I mean from the receptionist to the nurse that took me out to the car when I was done, every single person was wonderful and cared about me.”

Now, Heidi can do things for longer periods of time without stopping like raking her yard, picking flowers, playing with her kids, and doing her dishes. Before coming to OSMS, Heid would have to stop doing these things because her arms and hands went numb.

Heidi says, “It’s just wonderful and they have definitely improved my life. I’m back thanks to OSMS.”