Finding out the cost of surgery can be tricky. But recently, according to a report using Sidecar Health’s care calculator, they were able to provide the average cash price for the facility fee for carpal tunnel release surgery in each state. The facility fee is for the location of your surgery, like a hospital or ambulatory surgery center (ASC).

Sidecar Health analyzes and collects sources to calculate the average cash price for procedures. It updates its database using local market data, published government fee schedules, available provider information, and anonymized Sidecar Health transactions.

dr tuttle examins a handIn Wisconsin, here is the average cash price if having your carpal tunnel surgery in a hospital versus an independent ambulatory surgery center, like Orthopedic Surgery Center of the Fox Valley or Orthopedic Surgery Center of Green Bay.

  • Hospital Average Cash Price: $3,529
  • Independent Ambulatory Surgery Center Cash Price: $2,314

That’s a difference of more than $1,200! These prices do not include the surgeon fee or anesthesia fee.

Addition Savings

OSMS has a way that you can have carpal tunnel release performed outside of either a hospital or surgery center – the OSMS procedure room. At OSMS procedure rooms, you are given a local anesthetic prior to the procedure being performed. It’s a completely safe way to have the carpal tunnel release performed and you don’t have to worry about side effects from being put under from anesthesia.

The best part is, OSMS does not charge a facility fee or anesthesia fee if you have your carpal tunnel release performed in a procedure room. The only fee you are responsible for is the surgeon fee. So not only are you having this procedure done safety by a highly qualified OSMS surgeon, but you don’t have to pay a facility or anesthesia fee which saves you thousands of dollars.

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