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Common Knee Injuries and Prevention Tips

By: Dr. Tom Sullivan, Orthopedic Surgeon Your knee hurts. Because of it, you walk gingerly or even limp. You have trouble bending it and straightening it, and getting out of a chair. Having knee pain is both literally and figuratively, [...]

3 Questions Active Adults Ask Orthopedic Surgeons

Being active as an adult is an important element to staying healthy. However, as we get older, being active in sports or fitness programs can seem to lead to nagging aches and even chronic pain. Watch this video from Dr. [...]

ACL Tears: Not Just For Athletes

With so many high-profile, professional athletes overcoming ACL tears, it's becoming well-known that this is one of the most common sports-related injuries. However, what may be less understood is that ACL tears don't just affect professional or competitive athletes. Understanding [...]

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